Let’s make carryover better, together

SensoryTreat is a carryover collaboration platform, providing therapists and caregivers with digital tools to make home program activities part of a child’s everyday routine.

A helpful framework for managing carryover

Co-create home programs, set SMART targets, monitor adherence and keep on top of your entire caseload –all from one screen.

Therapists have a new ally

Reduce your overtime and free up your evening hours. Say goodbye to folders and paper files. So, you can focus on doing what you do best.

Occupational therapy app managed by practitioners

Transforming the way carryover is managed

For Families

Engagement: Empowers families to embed home programs into everyday routines, thanks to timely reminders and illustrations.
Motivation: Provides clear and manageable targets to promote accountability.
Support: Increases therapist visibility, so out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind.

For Therapists

Efficiency: Saves time and reduces paperwork.
Influence: Increases visibility into what’s going on beyond the clinic.
Customization: Makes it quick and easy to adapt and tailor home programs.

For Clinics

Measurability: Provides clear adherence metrics and reporting.
Productivity: Facilitates more efficient management of resources.
Impact: Raises family appreciation of therapy value and overall client satisfaction.
  • It’s a great step forward toward more successful carryover…
    a piece of the pie we’ve been missing!

    Kathy Gardner, OTR, Owner of Occupational Rehab Services, Inc. and Co-owner of Alaska Kids Talk, Alaska
  • It increases parents/caregivers accountability to follow through and eliminates the risk of misplacing the home program by having it readily
    accessible on the app.

    Natalie Evans, OTR, Riverkids Pediatric Home Health, Austin Texas
  • This helps know what’s actually happening at home and provides an opportunity for real collaborations.

    Brandi Russell, OTR/L & Magen McConnaughey OTR/L , EI, Infant Toddler Services of Johnson County, Kansas
  • This does your whole clinical reasoning for you! How you plan and evaluate your therapy and how you move on to the next stage.

    Anele Griessel, OT Clinical Director, The LightHouse Clinic, UK
  • This makes so many things easier, freeing up my energy to focus on the child.

    Debra J. Denniger OTD, OTR/L Director of Pediatric Therapy Sovereign Rehabilitation of Illinois

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    Co-define smart therapy targets

    to increase motivation and measure family reported outcomes

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    Co-create home programs

    Based on child’s needs and family’s routine

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    Family gets reminders

    with illustrated activities and/or your photos, and logs their feedback

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    Monitor family's engagement

    on your dashboard and drill into each family card for details

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    Co-review previous week's reports

    at the start of each session to improve adherence and adapt the program

Inspired by our kids and the people who care for them

We are Hadas and Oren. As parents of two young children with sensory issues, we know first hand just how vital carryover is, and just how difficult it can be to make it part of a family’s everyday life. That’s why a few years ago we created SensoryTreat with the goal of making home programs a fun and engaging part of the daily routine. Read more >

 After seeing the extremely positive response of thousands of families to the app, we understood that we could go even further by giving therapists a helping hand to empower parents in their home program activities.
Therapists and parents need little convincing about the role carryover plays in
improving the way a child functions and participates in daily activities. What they lack are tools to support and amplify their efforts.
For instance, we discovered that therapists want to customize home programs but
too often resort to templates and “generic” advice due to time pressures, and that their picture of family engagement is too often clouded by memory bias. Likewise, we learned that parents want a way to log their feedback in real time and share this at their next meeting – but lack a way to do this.
We learned that therapists need a better way to gain greater visibility into what’s happening at home, and that parents need to feel that being out of sight doesn’t mean being out of mind. And, we understood that parents need more structured guidance, both at the start, in setting up the home program, and along the way to feel reassured that they are making tangible progress.
Thus, we set about creating a new and better way to facilitate the ollaboration that we know can make a real impact on the success of carryover. The result: Our enhanced carryover platform that makes it easier for therapists to help families, for the ultimate benefit of all our children.

Successful carryover can make so much difference. Our goal is to empower the people responsible for making carryover effective – from parent and their children to therapists, clinics and caregivers in the community. We do this by providing an array of helpful tools, technology and content, based on clinical and real-world insights, that amplifies the impact of great therapy beyond the clinic.

SensoryTreat is indebted to so many wonderful, talented therapists who have generously given of their time and professional wisdom to help improve our platform. We’re proud to be a part of this amazing collaborative effort.  Read more >

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