“I work with many families through the school. I do like the app and I have used it to demo what a diet looks like.  It helps parents understand better what I am recommending. Thanks”

Karen Gray, OT, Allegan Area Educational Service Agency, MI

“This is an amazing app that was designed by parents of children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)….

The Sensory Treat app is packed with useful things to help you, your child and your therapist to manage a sensory diet. …

I can envisage OTs and parents collaboratively looking at this app to set up activities for their child’s sensory diet.  What a great organisational tool!…

I have not seen another app or program like Sensory Treat and would highly recommend downloading it if you are a therapist or parent with a child with Sensory Processing Disorder.”          Read more

Cindy Chuan, OT, Your Kids OT 

“I’m just loving it! Super excited about it!

This is something parents can carry around with them, because they don’t remember what to do. I spent all these years writing down activities and laminating sensory cards but who carries those around…

My job as an OT is to guide, and it’s great to finally have an actual tool. These days I’m meeting with parents giving them sensory instructions for the summer and now it’s not just me talking; now it makes sense for them right away.

Once I spent some time with the app it became self explanatory very quickly. I Love the graphics, thanks for spearheading this!”

Jenny Johnson, OTR/L, Blossom Therapeutics

“I am very excited about this app! Truly great tool!”

Audra Butman OT Genesis HealthCare, MD

“I will definitely recommend the App to my patients and to my co-workers.”

Piper Bacskai, OT SI certified, Meriter hospital, WI

“My favorite feature continues to be the pictures in the related categories that the teachers and aids can implement when I am not in the classroom as well as the ease of feedback. ”

Robyn Brown, MS, OTR/L, School based autism/ABA program

“As an early intervention occupational therapist I am often the first to explain sensory processing dysfunction to families. This can be a very confusing and overwhelming experience for them. I spend much time explaining what this diagnosis means and how the family can help their child to “regulate”.

I have pages and pages of daily behavior logs, diet outlines and lists of appropriate activities that I share with the caregivers so we can begin to establish the essential sensory diet for their child.
Implementing the diet can be confusing and difficult for the caregivers. The pages tend to get lost or forgotten about. Not to mention keeping track of timelines and the appropriate activities. Parents often have difficulty explaining the diet to caregivers when they can’t be around.

This app allows for all of these issues to be addressed. The parents don’t have to search for the lists of activities or even remember what time the last implemented the diet. The timer reminds parents when to activity. The app keeps it interesting by listing a variety of activities and even has an option to add your own activities. The images if the activities allow for Grandparents and babysitters to easily understand the plan. This really takes a lot of the guess work out of providing the appropriate sensory experiences for the child.

Since finding this app I have added it to my listed recommendations for sensory diet implementation”

Rebecca Keaton, OT Early Intervention