“I think that the Sensory Treat application is a fabulous tool for parents of children with SPD. My six year old son has SPD but was only formally diagnosed at the beginning of this year. I have had many visits to Occupational Therapists but I am yet to find one who ‘gets’ my son. I am exhausted by all the reading on the topic and until I found your ‘app’ I felt like I was so overwhelmed with what I ‘should’ do for my son that I couldn’t seem to do anything!

By chance I stumbled on the app and was so excited – my first thoughts were surely this isn’t true – an app for SPD! I downloaded it and was amazed by it. It seemed to simplify everything that I needed to do for my son. All of a sudden I could track the exercises, make notes, learn new exercises, report on progress and communicate with other carers helping my son. The fog of information overload lifted! As with any parent of children with SPD you realise that the difficulty is that each child has different sensory issues and trying to create the ‘diet’ can be overwhelming. As a devotee of the written word and paper and pen I have often lamented the over use of technology however, in this instance, I can only applaud the use of technology – the benefits of this tool are overwhelming.

Another exciting aspect to this app is that my son can use it – my son is part of that SPD group that is ‘gifted’ so trying to get him involved in his exercises requires that he is also cognitively engaged. Your application means that he can actively be involved in his ‘diet’ and gets joy from it as he loves his ipad and can see his progress – this gratification/reward is very important to him.

I am amazed at how incredible initiatives, tool and products are developed by parents in need. With the Sensory Treat app you have simplified my life – I was paralysed by all of the information available and not able to put anything in to practise to help my son even though I knew it to be so important. We are now slowly building up our sensory diet and EVERYONE is benefiting from this.

Best wishes and regards”

Rachael P., Australia

“When my sons OT introduced me to this app, I could tell immediately it was designed by someone who had a personal testament of what it’s like to have a child with sensory issues. The sensory ideas it offers, and especially the pictures, are so helpful. A babysitter, friend or other family member could do them! The schedule is the best part as it is difficult to follow your child’s sensory diet without reminders. This app let’s you set alarms to remind you of the activity. 5 stars!”
K Robison, NV, mom of 2 boys with SPD, ASD, and cerebral palsy

“This app helped organize the world for us!I really like the choices this app has. We’re pretty good at doing activities at home, we know what works at home, but when we are out and about we don’t always remember what activities to do. This app helps us with ideas and choices.

Our OT likes that we can now stick to a schedule, she actually changed the treatment based on availability of the app. At first she said we can do activities when we see our daughter needs extra help, but now with the app, our OT wants us to do things on a schedule, and focus on 3 areas. She feels the app can help us be more specific due to the timer reminders. It helped her structure our therapy, and it helps us stick to it. Our relationship with our OT is moving forward thanks to this app.

When we are in the community and our timer goes off, we don’t have to run home or get to the car to do our activity, we can find ideas that we can do at the park or at the doctor’s waiting room. You can also do this at school or grandma’s house… There is no excuse and you can now really do it at all times!

Our daughter has SPD. She has trouble with time and space and fine motor skills, plus she has a weak core. When we have bad days it’s very hard to write down stuff, and we get overwhelmed. But with this app it is doable and helpful all at the same time. Our OT understands what we are going through much better. She used to ask us how many days gone sideways this week, but now she gets more accurate information on a timely basis, instead of me having to summarize the last week for her.

This app REALLY meets our needs and where we are right now.

It has helped organized the world for us!”

J.R, SPD mom, Alaska

“Our OT recommended we use this app. I thought it was very user friendly. I really like the variety of activities and especially the way they are shown in illustrations. The reminders come in handy to help us stick to the program.

It’s great we can log how our child responded to each activity and then show our OT, it makes our sessions with her a lot more effective. We also like that we can add our own activities.”

Linda A, SPD son 7, ID