Oren Steinberg


Oren is a visionary entrepreneur who fuses his background in business management and product with his passion for making a meaningful impact in the world of children’s therapy. Before founding Sensory Treat, Oren was CEO of a fintech company serving the US, UK and Brazil markets, and an engagement leader at a management consulting firm. Oren gives back to the startup community as a mentor at the MindCET (ed-tech) and EISP accelerators.

Hadas Steinberg

Professional Advisor

Hadas is a neuropsychological rehabilitation expert, who diagnoses and treats a variety of psychological problems, and offers parental guidance for families of children with special needs. At SensoryTreat, Hadas is instrumental in the creation of our professional content, synthesizing theory and research underlying the diagnosis and treatment, and managing dialogue with practitioners and professionals.

Shay Ben-Barak

Product and UX

A world expert in user experience, Shay has characterized product and user experience for Samsung, Intel, Iron Dome, Time To Know, and dozens of products in the health sector. He is the primary architect of SensoryTreat’s ground-breaking platform, and many of its valuable features.

Jonathan Yom-Tov

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan brings expertise in data analysis, image processing, and Web. He has over 15 years’ experience in technology projects with tens of organizations including NASA, IBM and the Center for the Study of Japanese biological information. At SensoryTreat, Jonathan leads the software development efforts.

Yoni Goodman

Illustrator & Animator

Yoni is a talented artist specializing in human movement. His innovative visual style has won acclaim in Oscar-nominated animation films. Yoni is behind SensoryTreat’s beautiful, user-friendly home program activity illustrations.

Shani Hirsch

OT & Community Dialog

Shani is a therapist working with kids on the autism spectrum in hospitals and with HMOs. She helps manage our communities and improve our products.

Malky Shapira

OT & Content

Malky is a therapist working within the school and kindergarten system. She is responsible for writing tips, advice, blogs and much more.

Aviram Galim

Web programmer

Aviram is an experienced web programmer who manages programming and testing, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience across all platforms.

David Eskenazi

Customer Success

David is an experienced and enthusiastic professional that develops and maintains relationships with our customers. He regularly answers questions, schedules demos and aids in the entire process, from initial account set-up to using our platform with real children/families.

Pazit Harnoy

UI & Graphic Designer

Pazit’s flair for creating engaging user experiences is on full display in our mobile app and therapists’ dashboard.