Often, when walking out of a massage, I feel relaxed, calm and ready to tackle the rest of my day. This is particularly the case when I’m going through a stressful period

School/ kindergarten has finished…. NOW WHAT?

Many parents ask me what I would recommend their children do after school/ kindergarten, specifically activities that will help encourage their child’s development and also be suitable to their child’s sensory preferences.

Autism and sensory children

Research shows that most autistic kids also have sensory issues. Some theories even claim that sensory overload causes little kiddos to ‘shutdown’ and miss out on developing social and communication skills.

Being Aware of Autism

One weekend, when I was younger I went to play at my friend’s house. That same day her older brother was visiting from the institution he stayed at during the week.

Spring Cleaning

If you listen closely you can hear the birds chirping…and they’ve got a message: Spring is just around the corner! And along with the clear blue skies and warmer weather is an opportune time to start spring cleaning.

Pillow Fight!!!!!

Did you ever have a slumber party and spent the night having pillow fights with your friends? Sooo much fun!

Sleeping Standing Up

Since we were babies we all had behaviors that we learned which in time turned into habits…20, 30 years down the line we’re still brushing our teeth every morning and night because that’s what we learned to do.

5 Oscar Nominated Sensory Activities

The glamorous Oscars are behind us but SensoryTreat has a couple of Oscar nominated sensory activities to do with your kids. And the best thing is you don’t have to get all glammed up in a gown. J Drumroll, Please……

And The Oscar Goes To………

Eagerly awaiting the Academy Awards to announce the winners of the shiny and distinguished Oscars? As you count down the days till the Oscars try adding the following Hollywood inspired sensory activities to your daily routine with your kids.

Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s day is usually celebrated by us adults. But if baby cupids can take part of the celebrations there’s no reason for our SPD kids not to get in on this holiday too. And what better power to harness than the power of love to help treat sensory difficulties?