Parent’s Diary

This is my new mantra. After falling off the sensory-home-program wagon for the hundredth time, I realized I have a motivational issue. I know I need to do sensory activities for my kids,

Parent’s Diary- Week 6

Starting the day with the deep pressure activity is nice. I actually don’t need the alarm so much because it’s something I made habit of when waking my baby girl.

Parent’s Diary- Week 5

If I thought it took a long time to setup my own phone I didn’t realize it was going to take nearly as long to setup my wife’s phone. And not for lack of trying…

Parent’s Diary- Week 4

Yes, another confession, that call I had, that was a friend. And yes we went out for a beer and with that went my app set up promise…

Parent’s Diary- Week 3

Okay, I’ve got a new habit: starting this blog with a confession. I still did not set up the app!

Parent’s Diary- Week 2

First an admission of guilt: I did not set up the app after I stopped writing the previous blog. I know I promised to, I even picked up the phone,but I have this habit when I pick up the phone I first check what’s app and text messages, then I check emails.

Parent’s Diary – Starting over

8 years ago when we got our first sensory training I was skeptic but I had plenty of energy to try this out. Yesterday when we had our 7th training (who’s counting…) I was mainly tired.