This Privacy Policy governs the privacy practices with respect to your use of the SensoryTreat mobile Application (the “Application”), website (located at or; hereinafter: “the Website”) and the services provided therein (hereinafter collectively: the Service). This Privacy Policy constitutes part of all the Terms of Use available at the Website and Application and constitutes part of the agreement between the owner of the SensoryTreat Application and Website – SensoryTreat Ltd. (“the Company”) and the user of the Application or the Service (“You” or “the User”). By using or accessing the Service you declare your agreement to this Privacy Policy. For the sake convenience, this Privacy Policy is drafted in the masculine gender only, but refers equally to men and women.

What information do we collect?

You do not need to provide any information in order to download the Application (except for information you provide to the applicable online AppStore and/or GooglePlay).

During the first time You log in to the Application, You are registered based on your mobile device unique ID which the Application identifies and you are requested to register with your email and set a password.

We also collect anonymous technical information about your mobile device or computer which may be necessary to operate the Service.

In addition, over time, we collect information about your activity within the Application. Such information is identified with your User account within the Application.

What we do with the information collect?

All information provided to us is saved in a secured database relying on Google Firebase Cloud services, Google AdSense, Amazon AWS security, Cloudinary standards, Siteground website hosting, Apple’s AppStore and GooglePlay to enable us to provide the services given on the Application and/or Website.

We use all collected information for the purpose of operating the Application and Website, and for providing the Service as describe in the Terms of Use (which can be found at the Website).

We may use information collected from the Users to develop products, conduct or participate in research studies, provide services, improve our products and services and to conduct data analytics on information for such services, product development and research purposes. We may also offer you products or data which may match your preferences based on the analytics of your activity within the Service, and allow 3rd parties to show You ads on the Application and/or Website, which may be based on your activities on the Application and/or Website.

As for the payment details provided for using paid services, in order to fulfill your request for paid services this information is shared securely with a third party associated in the payment processing process (including credit card companies and different intermediaries responsible for payment processing such as iTune, Google Play and PayPal). Those third parties operate according to their own Applicable policies, adhering to the industry best practice of confidentiality of financial information. 

We do not keep credit card information and we do not have the ability to recover this information in any way.     

Sharing information with others

The Company will not share with third parties any information about You and your use of the Service without your consent, except when it is permitted under the Terms of Use or is necessary to enforce them, when it is required under the law or a court order, or for either of the following purposes:

  • The Company may use service providers for technical aspects of operating, improving and supporting the Application or the Website, those third parties might be exposed (under confidential basis) to information collected based on your activities within the Application. Without limiting the foregoing, the Company uses the cloud services of Google Firebase in connection with operating the Application, and its use is also subject to Google’s applicable Security Policies. In addition, the Company uses the cloud services of Amazon (the Amazon AWS) which is subject to the applicable policies of Amazon, and the Cloudinary service which is subject to the applicable policies available at The Company uses Siteground in connection with operating the Website, which is subject to the applicable policies available at, and PayPal for operating payment which is subject to the applicable policies available at
  • The Company may use the information about your activities on the Application and/or Website in order to show You ads that could be personalized to You. The Company uses Google AdSense tools to manage the ads on the Application, which is subject to the applicable policies of Google. The Company may use services from ShareASale, which is subject to the applicable policies available at, in order to share data and/or refer You to 3rd parties that offer products and services that may appear in the ads or Application buttons.
  • We may share anonymous Users’ data from the Service with third parties in connection with participation in clinical or academic trials and research studies, or for publication of summarized statistical data, case studies and marketing activities.
  • In case you have breached the Terms of Use, the Company may share your information under its consideration.
  • In case the Company receives a judicial order that requires it to share or disclose your information or information about you to a third party. 
  • In any dispute, claim, prosecution or legal proceedings of any kind between You and the Company.
  • We may present or disclose to third parties anonymous aggregated statistics about User usage of the Service and Users’ activities using it. Among others, we view the Service as serving an important social role. Accordingly, we may wish to share such anonymous aggregated statistics about the Service usage with academics or present them in relevant conferences, in order to assist in the research of the treatment of applicable medical conditions related to the use of the Service.
  • When serving ads within the Application, the Company may share anonymous information about your preferences in using the Application with third party advertising or product companies, for the sole purpose of matching these preferences to the ads. Again – this information is provided to the advertisers and partners in an anonymous manner, and no advertiser is provided with any identifiable detail of a User that matches a specific User activity within the Application.
  • In any case the Company reasonably believes that sharing information is necessary to prevent from you or a third party, severe physical damages or severe damage to property.
  • If the Company re-organizes the operation of the Service within a different corporation, or if the Company merges into or with other entities or merges the operation of the Service with a third party, the Company shall be entitled to transfer to the new entity a copy of the information about you collected from the Service, provided however, that those entities agree to be bound by the provisions of this policy. If those entities do not agree to be bound by the provisions of this policy, you shall be given with a proper 30 days prior notice within the Application, Web App or Website and with the opportunity to delete your account information altogether before the policy changes take effect.

Access to the User’s activity details

A User has access to his activities journal within the Service once he logs in. A User logs in by providing a password, and by using his email address or through automatic identification of his device ID. In order to prevent access to the User data by other or future holders of the device, in case the User logged in only using a password (without providing an e-mail address), he may not recover his password in ordinary means. In such case, we may enable the User to recover his address only after he approaches us and convinces us that he is indeed the User he claims to be.

The Application shall enable you to log in automatically (without entering your log-in details) as long as you do not sign out of the Service, and have not reset the device/computer or uninstalled the Application. You should set a minimal 6 characters’ password to your device.

Please note that if You do not sign out of the Application and the device has not been reset, the automatic log-in shall apply also in case the SIM card is replaced. Therefore, in case You provide the mobile device to another person, who uses a different SIM card, please make sure to sign out of the Application or reset the device.

In addition, access to the data will be provided if a user logs in using your account log-in credentials (i.e. email and password) from other mobile devices (or website), so please make sure not to share your credentials and protect them adequately.


You must be a least 18 years old to use the Application and Website. The Company will not knowingly collect any personal information from a person under that age without the consent of his caregiver. In case we have a reason to believe that the person who registered for the Service is less than 18 years old, we will delete your information as soon as possible. By registering, You provide consent for the Company to collect data about the child whose information is entered into the Service.

Information security

The Company stores and uses the User’s information outside the European Union but in Google, Amazon AWS, Siteground, PayPal and Cloudinary standard server farm. The Company implements systems and procedures to secure your personal information and does its best to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to its database. Further, the Company implements appropriate internal procedures (including for its staff) to ensure careful and confidential handling of the information processed through the Application.  


If you wish to contact us regarding this Privacy Policy or any other matter regarding the Application or Website, you may contact us at We will do our best to answer you promptly.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Company may from time to time change the terms of this policy. If substantial changes regarding the use of your personal information or regarding our information sharing practices will be made, we will post the update at the Website. 

Last modified: September 26, 2021